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Surya Suryata J.
Bali Painter
Suryata Talks
Words from his   
  daughter Natalie

Chronology of Surya Suryata J.

Born March 18th 1946 in Bern, Switzerland

1961-1964 Elisabeth Stamm, a student of Cuno Amiet and Ferdinand Hodler, discovers his talent. He studies at her private academy of art

Studies at various Art Schools in Berne. City of Berne acquires 2 of his works, supporting young and promising talents

1966 Visits Viktor Vaserely in Gordes, France and gets familiar with his style and techniques

Studies at an Art School in Geneva -1968/1969- Studies Marketing at Cambridge University in London

1969 Starts Business career in Manila/Philippines

1970 Marries Ruby Manila who becomes a famous singer/actress in Europe

1971-1985 Business career in a multinational cigarette concern. Travels through all continents and visits most famous Art Museums throughout the World.

1985 Birth of his daughter Natalie

1985-1995 Establishes his own world wide cigarette manufacturing and marketing company

1995 Emigrates to Bali/Indonesia and starts preparing his work as a professional painter

1999-2003 Establishes contacts to famous contemporary painters in Bali and starts studying its characteristics. Works together with Sika, Wianta, Murni, Kaek, Budhiana, Supada, Mahendra Mangku and Sudiana.

2003 Starts his full time activity as a painter in Saba/Bali. Establishes a school for young & talented handicapped Balinese painters. Suryata and his wife Ruby initiate and organize the SWISS COW IN BALI Charity Event together with most famous contemporary and traditional Balinese painters.

2004 Exposes some of his works at the Raka Museum in Mas/Ubud

2005 Exhibits/sells 12 paintings at Credit Suisse Art Collection in Jakarta

2006 Collective Exhibition in Saba/Bali together with Mahendra Mangku, Pande Supada and Freddy Sitorus