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Surya Suryata J.
Bali Painter
Suryata Talks
Words from his   
  daughter Natalie

Words from his daughter Natalie

Suryata has always had the power to engage himself in abstract ideas. The reason why he exhibits such strong passion for expression is because he loves life. As simple as it may sound, it is very complex. My father doesn't enjoy life because it's been simple for him. He loves it because it is a paradox, a world of controversy and distortion. My father always analyses the world we live in, questions "why we are really here" or why we are believers. He has even taught me to look beyond the horizon and to view the world less seriously than it is portrayed. His attitude towards life is: As long as one knows the depth of all the superficiality in our existence we are ok. There is always depth to every aspect of life and that's his overall message.

He paints because of personal evolution, wisdom and all the restored youth that still lives in him. Every canvas is a new born child as he exudes it with experience and lets it grow to become a beautiful creation. We live in an abstract world and that's why he chooses to use shapes and colors that relate colloquially and almost simplistically to us; yet, he wants to engage us in something complex. As l personally adore my father for what he is, I know that he can teach others about universal awareness through the eyes of abstraction. His art conveys a message with a breath-taking and absolutely unique nature.