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Bali Painter
Bali Painter
Bali Painter
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"Artist's interpretation of the painting"


Cause / Effect

The painting is intended to enable the viewer to understand life experience as cause and effect. The events that unfold in our human life each day are the effects causation which we, ourselves create. So, if we want to change the nature of our daily life experience, we need to change them at causation level. The painting and its abstract symbolic arrangement assists and guides the viewer to obtain this awareness. At the bottom the Intention, on top the Purpose.

While viewing the painting from the bottom to the top, one is going to explore the concept of Intention, and then, the companion concept of Purpose, from an inter-dimensional perspective.

“If we don’t change the direction in which we are headed, we are liable to end up where we are going “!

It is our Intentions that set the direction in which we are headed. If we want to change the direction in which we are moving, we must change its settings. And if we want to change the direction of our life, we must change our Intentions. The viewer should consider Intention from an “energetic” perspective.

The painting should serve as a reminder that each of us has the ability to create our life the way we want it to be. It should enable to screen out experiences that are not in resonance with our desire, and not allow them into our life. The dark Prussian blue background is meant to prevent this.

The Love Line stands for the symbol of our Intention that Life should be filled with Love. Each of us is in a process to bringing discipline into our Intentions but this requires a shift in our consciousness. By viewing the painting in the morning, we can learn to observe our self – the words we speak – the things we do – to be certain that everything we express in our life is consistent with the Intentions that we are setting. As this process is worked day by day, eventually the painting becomes a “Part of us”!

The light geometry and its structures (Earth) symbolize our limited being in Life; its structures exhibit the substance aspect of Light energy. The crossing of the Love Line in its strongest red through the structure of Earth symbolizes our wanting our Life to be in alignment with the highest Good (God = 4 energies (the 4 squares in blue)). By viewing, we maintain a harmonious alignment between our human Intentions and the Purpose of our Essence-Self – and our Life correspondingly flows with ease.


When you love or when you speak about love then you know that you are touching a very deep issue. This issue concerns your life. It is the most important issue of your life. Itself, it is your life. What is life without love? This is the reminder for the viewer of the painting.

When reading about love, you know that you are speaking about the 4 energies. Those are the source of love. Love is your life; Energy is love, this means that your energy should be in the very center of your life. Do you really know what love is? Of course, you do know about love.
For example, when you miss your beloved ones; when you look for some one to love you, and appreciate you; when you are alone, sick, poor; in one word, when you are in need, you seek love. Love, in one word, is the cross. When you suffer for others you know what love is, and you feel involuntarily the energy around you. The Cross and Love are two symbols but with the same meaning: to give your life, and in doing so, just in giving it, you reach the true meaning of your self and the reason of your existence. We exist to love and only to love.

The painting let you understand that love and cross is a unity, when you are focused on the painting; that you have to forgive, to forget the bad things that others did to you, that you should love your enemies and help those who betrayed you, stole from you and hated you!