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Surya Suryata J.
Bali Painter
Suryata Talks
Words from his   
  daughter Natalie

Suryata Talks

1966 - This revolution of materialistic mega-expansion has obviously eliminated my deep desire to become an artist and it seems that I'm heading towards a career as a business man.

1970 - Never ever will I give up painting although it may not reflect on canvas', may not be visible yet!

1978 - My permanent change of location between the western world and communist countries reflect in my mind like an unreal dream; abstract, incredible and weird.

1980 - My sub consciousness feels that there is a tremendous difference in what I do and what I want to do. My great materialistic success is basically a declaration of bankruptcy of my spirit. I promise, that one day, all these experiences will appear on canvas.

1981 - Within a decade from now, communism will have disappeared because the materialistic conspiracy will violate any system that is not in line with the interests of a few 100 people who will one day be responsible for the total collapse of this chaotic world.

1985 - Let me give up these sick structures of a multinational company, declare war to them, exploit existing ill principles until the cold war policy of the superpowers goes under like Titanic. This will be the time to say good bye to this disordered human conspiracy and leave towards a lost tropical Island where freedom and independence will feed my soul in order to head towards the real world. The birth of my daughter Natalie is a clear symbol of this awakening.

1995 - It's time to leave to an Island in a country that is not dominated by unnecessary laws; where the methods of human exploitation are not yet refined; where freedom and independence still can be achieved: Bali

2000 - The indescribable energy on this Island fulfills me with great pleasure and happiness where fantasy and creativity can bloom to overwhelming dimensions.

2002 - Lets hope that we are far enough from the upcoming world disaster that had just been initiated by the US President and his principals.

2003 - Time has come to put all my life experiences on canvas, further keep my eyes open, so that my mind can grow and share it with the viewers of my work.

2004 - For me, the TRUTH is very important...but it also makes me radical... because the truth is radical...but even if the actual TRUTH rather supplies a desolate impression, I am still very optimistic............. optimistic that human beings will soon reach out for a new awareness, where traditional human values will finally be reborn...

2005 - The materialistic bubble had reached a size that starts to scare even the biggest optimiststs and believers in our worldwide monetary system.

2006 - Paper money is slavery, Gold is freedom, Art is life.
Freedom and independence is the irrevocable endeavor of every human being. It is incomprehensible that we have chosen to be consumed by only one factor - electricity. It is our biggest stupidity and mistake to depend so harshly on one aspect of life in advertently making us prisoners of the freedom we seek for.
We have forgotten what true value is. Our “developed materialistic world” is measured by paper money – a worthless entity that consumes our daily lives. Gold has always been valuable; all through our history and will continue to be valuable. Even though this simple material has been ignored, it is indivisible that we will fight for it in the near future. Paper will remain just paper and gold will be our future value!

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